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Thinking about hair loss in the New Year

By Elline Surianello

Non-surgical hair replacement for women

How the world sees you is measured by many things: how you dress, your size, your attitude, but no less important, your hair. I know many women who are suffering with thinning hair and hair loss who would love to just shave their heads and not have to worry about how they are going to cover up the spots where their scalp is shining through.

One such woman is Ricky Lake who recently went public with her thirty-year struggle with thinning hair. The fact that she has fabulous bone structure and the celebrity to explain her shaved head makes it an easier decision for her. But for those of us not blessed with noble bone structure, great beauty or the benefit of celebrity, shaving our heads is not a reasonable option.

In today’s world, a shaved head most often telegraphs that the barer is suffering from a life-threatening disease which elicits sympathetic and sorrowful looks from others. If one’s head is not shaved but balding, it tends to diminish one’s value in the eyes of others. Imagine applying for a job with one’s scalp showing through or meeting someone for a first date with a balding head. While balding is accepted as a man’s condition, it works negatively for a woman who doesn’t have a healthy head of hair. Fair? I think not. But a reality of life.

So, what are a woman’s options? Head wraps are one way to go and can be as elegant as a Nigerian Gele, but you have to be somewhat regal to carry that one off and it doesn’t provide a reasonable option for a romantic moment. A wig is another choice but has the same disadvantage of the head wrap. It has to come off for showering, swimming or sleeping, and can awkwardly slip during a moment of passion.

Suffering with my own balding head, I searched for a solution that would work for me. After years of research, I was able to create a non-surgical hair replacement method that would enable me to live comfortably as if I had my own head of hair.

That’s when I established the LeMetric Hair Design Studio over 25 years ago. Since then, I have helped thousands of women with my customized hair loss solutions. My staff and I can create a style and color that flatters the shape of your face and your complexion, and no one will know that it’s not your own hair!

Want to find out how hair replacement without surgery works? Give us a call to schedule an appointment to learn about your options. There is no fee for a consultation and no obligation, so come and see us to learn what solution will work best for you. A great way to start off the New Year!

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