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Before and After Photos

A LeMetric Success Story

In October 2018, I had a lemon-sized tumor removed from my brain at NYU Langone Hospital.  A brilliant neurosurgeon saved my life after my beautiful sister Giselle found me passed out in my apartment and hauled me to the hospital.  I attribute my survival to them both.

I had no signs or symptoms that could have led me to believe there was something in my brain.  The only issue I had was a headache that I thought was due to the new progressive glasses I recently purchased.

Undergoing this procedure has been life changing.  Aside from the emotions I have experienced, I now am losing my hair.  Large chunks fall out every day.  I have had to wear a hair net to prevent it from falling all over the place.

The upside to this all, yes there is an upside, is that I have been blessed with meeting the most considerate heartwarming people New York has to offer.  Elline Surianello at LeMetric has blessed me with her presence and uplifted my spirits in so many ways. She has been schooling me on the what-and-what-not of wig wearing in the most lovable of ways.

I hope anyone who undergoes this type of surgery, which inevitably causes hair loss, has the blessing of meeting her.  She will make you look fabulous and feel uplifted.

– Janet, New York

Better than I anticipated!

Elline, I received the hair piece early today. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a fantastic job. I love it so much. I put it on as soon as it arrived and it’s better than I anticipated! I will be ordering another one within the year. Color: perfect. Length: perfect. Texture: perfect. Size: perfect fit. Thanks!

– P.F., Florida

I look 10 years younger!

For years I have been adding fillers and spray thickeners to my very thinning hair. My incentive to do something was my niece’s upcoming wedding. So very pleased that I found Elline and her very capable, helpful staff. Thanks to Elline’s expertise and wonderfully engaging personality, I was immediately put at ease. I now have a hair piece that totally complements my look. Not only have I received numerous positive comments, but I’ve been told that I look 10 years younger. Take the next step and visit LeMetric. You will receive excellent, caring attention so you too can have the confidence to look and feel as good as you hoped.

– Pam, Long Island

Looking great six months later.

I wanted to wait at least six months after I visited LeMetric to write a review. Usually human hairpieces only last a couple of months before they start shedding and become really dry. So far, I have had no shedding and the hair is just as healthy looking as it was six months ago.

– Paula, Boston

A wonderful experience.

I’ve been a LeMetric client for almost four years and my current (second) human hair piece is as good as the first one which lasted three years. Elline knows her stuff and has an excellent team including several ladies on site who make and repair wigs and hairpieces. I’m bringing my aunt who has very thin hair next time to see what they can make for her.

– Judy, New York

I recently finished chemo.

I will most likely get a hair piece in a few months when I see what hair I’ve got left, and I will certainly go back to LeMetric for it. Anyone in the midst of chemo or post chemo has a wonderful place to go to explore their hair options in a knowledgeable and caring space. Thanks for all your hard work, jokes and care. It helps to make this easier for me.

– Joan, California

Why did I wait so long?

I started going to LeMetric about five years ago after dragging my feet forever and hating my hair, but not being brave enough to do anything about it. As soon as I had my first hair piece, I kicked myself for having waited so long to get help! It works so well with my hair and does not look crazy. That was my big worry. It looks natural. LeMetric definitely changed my life, and I’m so glad I found them.

– Lydia, Massachusetts

Reinvented and renewed.

Over the past ten years, I have experienced many life changes and needed to reinvent my life and my look. LeMetric has been there with me helping me look professional in my corporate executive position and now looking a little “boho” running my own business. I love the fact that I can have any image or identity I want with my hair. Everyone says how much younger I look with my curly style! I never would have thought I could have had such a great look when I was losing my hair years ago. Thank you LeMetric for helping me find my identity!

– Jane, Delaware