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Help! I’m Losing My Hair!

Elline Surianello, Founder and CEO, LeMetric

Could it be COVID or an autoimmune disorder?

While many women have struggled with hair loss, the subject has received more attention since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Elline Surianello, founder and CEO of LeMetric Hair Design Studio, has seen an influx of clients who have experienced Covid related hair loss.

“We’ve been helping women with hair loss for over 25 years at our New York City studio. These are generally women whose hair loss is due to genetic or hormonal factors, women 50 and over. But recently, we have seen an increase of younger women looking for answers following recovery from COVID.”

COVID-induced stress and anxiety has been at the root of many women’s hair loss. In most cases, hair loss occurred about three months following recovery. While hair regrows in time for some women, many have found their hair loss or thinning to be permanent.

Autoimmune disorders are another cause of hair loss in women. These include conditions such as Type One diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, Graves disease and alopecia.

“Many of our clients have experienced hair loss due to one of many autoimmune disorders,” says Surianello, “but the one we see most frequently is alopecia, a disease where the immune system attacks hair follicles causing hair loss.”

While alopecia can cause hair loss on any part of the body, it usually affects the head and face. Most people with the disease are healthy and have no other symptoms, although people with certain autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, thyroid disease, or vitiligo are more likely to get alopecia as are those with allergic conditions such as hay fever. There is no cure for alopecia.

“One of our clients,” says Surianello, “was concealing her hair loss during Zoom calls with headbands and fake pony tails, but when it was time to go back to the office, she needed a better solution.”

Thousands of women have turned to LeMetric for high quality custom hair pieces that look as natural as a woman’s own hair. For some women, hair loss may not be permanent, but for those who never regrow a full head of hair, LeMetric hair pieces are not only a solution, but can give a woman the hair she has always dreamed of having.

“Depending on the location of hair loss, we can create a topper that integrates with a woman’s own hair, or for more severe hair loss, a custom-made piece that replaces the hair that was lost yet integrates with any hair remaining,” says Surianello. “These customized hair pieces are designed for the shape of the woman’s head and can be made in any color, length or style that she desires. They are designed to be cool and comfortable and easy to wash, style, sleep or even swim in.”

Surianello has first hand experience with hair loss. “I have suffered with hair loss since I was a child. When I was a teenager, there were no easy solutions. I tried to wear extensions and wigs. Extensions couldn’t address the hair loss on top of my head, and commercial wigs were hot and uncomfortable. They also had a habit of slipping.

“It wasn’t until I was an adult working in the beauty industry that I discovered and improved on a method of adding additional hair, and that’s when I decided to start LeMetric. I had no idea how many women might be interested. Ladies Home Journal did an article about me and within a month, I had nine thousand inquiries. I then knew there was a need for my service.”

LeMetric’s original location at 140 East 40th Street in New York continues to serve women throughout the Northeast. Two additional locations have been added in Evanston, NY, and Lakeworth, FL.

Surianello offers complimentary consultations at all three locations as well as on Zoom or telephone calls. To set up an appointment with Elline Surianello, call 800-217-9052 or reach her at Elline@LeMetric.com.


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