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Covid, stress and women’s hair loss


By Elline Surianello, Hair Loss Specialist

It has long been known that extreme physical or emotional stress can cause women to lose their hair. COVID has added to our stress with lock downs, job loss, remote working and learning, isolation and fear of infection.


This kind of extreme stress not only affects our general health and well-being, it also causes the hair growth cycle to break down and get stuck in a resting phase. The result is that hair sheds and falls out, creating bald spots or thinning that reveals the scalp. Generally known as alopecia, hair loss can also occur as a result of a hormonal imbalance, genetics, aging or an underlying medical condition.


Hair loss is also one of the top 15 common side affects that result from a COVID diagnosis. Actual hair shedding begins during the COVID recovery period. In some cases, hair loss is temporary but may be permanent depending on the severity of the infection.


If after consulting with a physician to eliminate a possible medical cause, the next step is to determine if the hair loss is temporary or permanent. If after several months, your hair has not begun to regrow, or if your hair loss has been progressive over a period of time, you may want to consider options for hair replacement.


There are a variety of non-surgical hair replacement methods for women. At LeMetric Hair Design Studio, we offer both semi-permanent and removable hair replacement systems. Our pieces are made with the highest quality hair and customized to fit your head and flatter your face. They are of a distinctly higher quality than hair found on the internet or in retail wig shops.


A LeMetric solution starts with an in-person or phone consultation to determine your lifestyle needs, your style and color preference, and whether you want to sleep in your hair or remove it daily. Your head is then measured, either in person or remotely using our hair design kit, and a customized lightweight base is created onto which the hair is sewn strand by strand.


The hair piece is then styled by one of our Master Stylists either in our New York studio or at a salon near you. We have provided hair loss solutions to thousands of women since our establishment in 1985. We offer a level of specialization and customization not readily found in the U.S.


If you or a woman you know are struggling with thinning hair and hair loss, give us a call. Our consultations are free and we are happy to help you navigate your options for hair replacement. Reach me at elline@lemetric.com or at 800-217-9052.

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