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Lisa, the iconic bob

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Lisa, the iconic bob

Lisa has a lovely long face so we chose a style that would highlight and complement this. She is perfect for an iconic bob.

  • The LeMetric hair unit we created for Lisa is a topper that blends seamlessly with her own hair. As the name implies, a topper only covers the top portion of your hair. Think of it as a mini or half wig as some call it.
  • One of Lisa’s biggest pain points is her limp, thin hair. She wanted the thick hair she never had. We added a bit of fullness overall to balance out her face and hair. She wanted to wear it straight regularly, so it was imperative to get the correct thickness.
  • Her face is perfect for long, full bangs. She can carry this off without it overpowering her face.
  • Lisa has a great neck. The topper was cut to complement and frame this with a very stylish yet classic shape. This can be styled bone straight, with a soft curl on the end or with soft waves and look great.



bob, brunette, half wig, straight, topper