LeMetric Hair Design Studio

Human Hair Wigs for Women

Wigs are godsent to women who want perfect, healthy-looking locks but are struggling with thinning hair and bald spots. Instead of styling your hair to cover the patches, you can put on a wig and feel more beautiful effortlessly.

LeMetric’s range of wigs for women in NY is made from the highest quality of human hair that gives you a natural look. Our wigs are lightweight, beautiful, and 100% mimic the movement of human hair. Regardless of which wig type you choose — Remy human hair or a lace front human hair or a custom system — we’re sure they’ll fit well and that you’ll love them

Hair Loss Solutions for Every Woman

People experience hair thinning differently. For some, a winglet is enough to conceal the bare spot, while others need a bit more effort to make their hair look thicker or voluminous. For those in the latter situation, we have a solution to your predicament. Our wigs and hairpieces for women are designed to blend with your existing hair seamlessly. No one will know you’re wearing one; all they will notice is how fantastic and confident you look.

We have different wigs for different beauties. Style yourself as Rapunzel with long locks flowing down to your waist or add a little bounce to your step with soft curls. If you’re after a low-maintenance look, we also offer short-haired wigs that you can wear on-the-go.
For ladies with sensitive scalps, we offer lace front wigs and monofilament toppers, which are more comfortable for the skin.

How Can You Find the Perfect Wig?

If you’re new to the world of women’s wigs in NY, LeMetric can narrow down your choices. We’ll guide you through the wig selection journey, which includes the following steps:

Wig Style

Initially, most of our clients prefer to stick with a familiar hairstyle. We encourage them to change their style by showing them other potential looks. Take advantage of the diversity of our product designs and experiment with the different wig styles available. Our experts are happy to assist you.

Find your capsize

Often, the average wig cap size fits most of our customers, but we still offer wigs in large and petite sizes. We measure your head’s circumference from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the other ear, and back to the front of your hairline. This way, we can determine your wig size.

Wig Cap

Each cap construction has a different way of attaching hair to the cap and settling on your scalp. If you want a wig that moves naturally, choose a 100% hand-tied cap for your wig since each hair is connected onto its base. On the other hand, monofilament wigs create the illusion of natural hair growth.

Wig hair colors

Review our available hair colors. If you’re new to wearing wigs, we recommend choosing shades that are close to your natural hair color to ease your adjustment.

Every day should be a great hair day. Schedule a consultation today, and let’s make that happen.