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Finding Help for Women Losing Their Hair

It’s an emotionally difficult experience when a woman loses her hair. Her first concern is her appearance. Then there can be the worry that a medical condition might be the cause.

There are many reasons why a woman would lose her hair. Some medical treatments such as chemotherapy or bariatric surgery can be the cause. It can also be the result of hormonal changes following the birth of a child or the start of menopause. Stress and aging have been shown to affect a woman’s hair as well. 

If, after consulting a physician, it is determined there is no serious underlying medical condition, the next challenge is to find a solution. Elline Surianello, a women’s hair loss specialist in New York, knows all about hair replacement. 

Struggling with her own hair loss since childhood, Surianello sought a comfortable, attractive solution. When none could be found, she created her own hair replacement method and launched LeMetric Hair Design Studio more than 25 years ago. Since that time, she has helped thousands of women with hair replacement that is natural and involves no glues, chemicals or invasive procedures.

“We offer several different options for women,” she said. “We have a semi-permanent solution that a woman can wash, style and sleep in as if it were her own, and no one needs to know that hair didn’t grow on her head.

“Another option,” she says, “is a removable hair piece that, unlike a wig, integrates into a woman’s own hair. This is ideal for the woman who has no need to sleep in her hair or who just wants to enhance her hair style for special occasions. Our additional hair solutions are more comfortable and cooler than wigs. We customize our pieces for each client. Every piece is made by hand and inspected in a six-step process right in our New York studio.”

But Surianello is not exclusively a women’s hair loss specialist in New York, she also serves women anywhere in the world using video conferencing and by collaborating with partner salons located in the client’s city.

Whether the client is long distance or near New York City, the custom hair replacement process is the same. LeMetric uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced hair to create short or long hair styles in any color or texture. The first step in the process is assessing the woman’s hair, determining her lifestyle needs, and selecting a style that flatters her. Then the woman’s head is measured to create a template on which her piece is created. Once the piece is complete, it is styled on the client by one of LeMetric’s master stylists or by an affiliated stylist close to the client’s location.

Anyone seeking help from New York’s leading hair loss specialist, no matter where they live, will find their best solution at LeMetric Hair Design Studio. To learn more or to schedule a free online hair consultation, call Elline Surianello at 800-217-9052 or email her at Elline@LeMetric.com.

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