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LeMetric is a private full service salon in midtown Manhattan that specializes in helping women with hair thinning and loss, and the creation of fine wigs and hairpieces.
Additional Hair Services

Hair thinning and loss is our specialty.

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Full Service Salon

Cut, color and style for all hair types.

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Hair Makeovers

Have the hair you always wanted.

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New York City Handmade Wigs and Wig Classes
Mobile Beauty Vehicle

Beauty on the go. LeMetric can come to you.

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Professional Wig Making Courses

Continuing education for hairstylists.

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Just Got it Today!

Elline, I received it early today. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a fantastic piece. I love it so much. I put it on as soon as it arrived and it's better than I anticipated! I will be ordering another one within the year. Color: perfect. Length: perfect. Texture: perfect. Size: perfect fit. Thanks!

P.F., Florida
LeMetric guest for 2 years
A Wonderful Experience

I’ve been a LeMetric client for almost four years and my current (2nd) human hairpiece from LeMetric is as good as the first one (which lasted three years). Elline knows her stuff and has an excellent team ncluding several ladies on site who make and repair the wigs and hairpieces. I'm bringing my aunt who has very thin hair with me next time to see what they can make for her.

Judy, New York
LeMetric guest for 4 years
I recently finished chemo

I will most likely get a hairpiece in a few months when I see what hair I’ve got left, and I certainly will go back to LeMetric for it. Anyone in the midst of chemo or post chemo has a wonderful place to go to explore their hair options in a knowledgeable and caring space. Thanks for all your hard work, jokes and care Elline. It helps to make this more easy for me.

Joan O., California
LeMetric guest for 2 years
5 Years and Counting

I started going to LeMetric about 5 years ago after dragging my feet forever and hating my hair but not being brave enough to do anything about it. As soon as I had my first hairpiece I kicked myself for having waited so long to get help!!! It works so well with my hair and does not look crazy. That was my big worry. It looks natural. LeMetric definitely changed my life, and I’m so glad I found them.

Lydia, Massachusetts
LeMetric guest for 5 years
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