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The Secret About Women’s Hair Loss

Have you ever waited in line and noticed that the woman standing in front of you is losing her hair? If she were a man, you would not have looked twice since bald or balding men are well accepted.

Not so for women. When a woman suffers from thinning hair or hair loss, she is considered unattractive. Women with thinning hair are often passed over for promotions or overlooked in social situations in favor of women who have long, thick hair. It’s no wonder that women’s hair loss causes a lack of confidence and loss of identity.

Many women struggling with thinning hair or hair loss turn to wigs — which often look fake– or to sprays that rub off on clothes and pillow cases, or melt in the rain. Now, women have a better option with semi-permanent and removable hair replacement solutions by LeMetric Hair Design Studio, New York.

Elline Surianello, founder and president of LeMetric, knows all about women’s hair loss.  Struggling with her own hair loss since childhood, she sought a comfortable, attractive solution. When none could be found, she created her own hair replacement method and launched LeMetric more than 25 years ago. Since that time, she has helped thousands of women with hair replacement solutions that are natural and involve no glues, chemicals or invasive procedures.

“We offer several different options for women’s hair loss,” said Elline. “We have a semi-permanent solution that a woman can wash, style and sleep in as if it were her own, and no one needs to know that hair didn’t grow on her head.

“Another option,” she says, “is a removable hair piece that, unlike a wig, integrates into a woman’s own hair. This is ideal for the woman who has no need to sleep in her hair or who just wants to enhance her hair style for special occasions. Our additional hair solutions are more comfortable and cooler than wigs. We customize our pieces for each client. Every piece is made by hand and inspected in a six-step process right in our New York studio.”

LeMetric uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced hair to create short or long hair styles in any color or texture. The first step in the process is assessing the degree of a woman’s hair loss, determining her lifestyle needs, and selecting a style that flatters her. Then the woman’s head is measured to create a template on which her piece is created. Once the piece is complete, it is styled on the client by one of LeMetric’s master stylists. LeMetric also provides maintenance and service for all its custom pieces.

LeMetric is able to serve women anywhere in the world taking the same steps with video conferencing. Once a piece is designed and manufactured, LeMetric works with a local salon partner for the fitting and styling of the hairpiece.

To learn more about a high quality, customized solution for women’s hair loss, or to schedule  a free online hair consultation, contact Elline Surianello at 800-217-9052 or email her at Elline@LeMetric.com.

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