LeMetric Hair Design Studio

for fashion or hair challenges, LeMetric offers the finest additional hair options

Wigs and Hairpieces

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Founder and mentor Elline Surianello created LeMetric in 1989 as a way to help women with hair challenges caused by hair loss, hair thinning and extreme damage. At LeMetric, our mission is to help women live confidently and to make sure the best wig and hairpiece options are available to them. Our staff of experienced hair experts specialize in customized, high-quality additional hair and styling for all hair types.

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With over 150 years of combined experience in the beauty industry as stylists and upper managment, the LeMetric team of experts are trained to work with you professionally and patiently in finding the best possible solution to your hair challenges. We have worked with women who :

  • Want the same thickness and/or length they had when they were younger.
  • Have alopecia.
  • Have trichotillomania.
  • Have skin/scalp conditions.
  • Are cancer survivors.
  • Have lost extreme amounts of hair due to genes/hereditary conditions.
  • Have extreme damage or breakage.

Hair challenges do not have to run your life. We have solutions.

Using the finest quality human hair, we offer fully-customized 100% human hairpieces, wigs, extensions, clip-ins, toppers, and more based on the specific needs of our client, and we ensure the end product meets the epitome of quality hair. We are also very proud of the fact that our wigs and hairpieces are developed in our New York City facility by our hair artisans. We import, manufacture, and design by hand to your liking.