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5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Lush Locks Without Letting Salt Water Dry Them Out

Ladies, Summer has finally arrived and with it a few cardinal tips on how to remain fabulous while combatting the elements. If you’re a Mermaid at heart or a beach dweller like us, you may notice how your hair’s over exposure to salt water can wreak havoc on your tresses over time, causing them to become brittle and break. Well, you’re in luck ladies…tis the season of having a great head of hair with a few key essentials that will allow you to frolic in the ocean while maintaining your mane….

Save the Date – Sunday, June 12 is "Sunday Sauce" at LeMetric

Mark your calendars ladies!

As Italians, we have a saying. “Sunday Sauce” is where we cook our best dishes for Sunday dinner with the family at home. So am I inviting you, my Sorellas/Sisters here, to my home at LeMetric for a fun time. And when I say “Sisters” I mean all women (sorry fellas but this event if for ladies only) of all cultures are welcomed to enjoy our heritage with us.

First we eat. I am cooking. I love to cook and I want you enjoy my food.

LeMetric Visits Waterside Villas for a Convesation with Mature Women About Their Hair

This past weekend we had the pleasure of packing up and taking our mobile vehicle on the road to visit the women at the Waterside Villa Senior Residence in New Jersey . When we lead these conversations about hair and modern beauty standards with mature women, it is always an enlightening experience that allows a great deal of wisdom (which is one of the finer qualities of the older woman) to be shared by all.

Winter Weather Drying Your Hair Out? 5 Reasons You Should Try Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask #LeMetricSalon

    Changing seasons tend to wreak havoc on our hair. For example, cold weather tends to leave our mane feeling dull, dry and lackluster. However, looks like Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Recovery Mask may provide the perfect antidote to whip your hair back into shape for warmer days ahead.