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LeMetric Art of Wig Making Classes NYC
101 - The Art of Wig Making, A Complete Resource
5 hours w/ a 30 min. break midway.

This one day workshop will give you a complete overview of what you need to know to become an expert at additional hair.


Topics covered :

  • History of Hair
  • Client Types
  • Types of Hairpieces
  • Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair
  • Attachment Methods
  • How to Ventilate Intro
  • Working on a Base
  • Designing a wig
  • Styling (washing methods, brushing and basic care etc)
  • Coloring (different types of coloring options and dye selection)
  • Maintenance and Servicing (when a wig needs to be professionally repaired and refurbished)
  • Salon and Client Business Opportunities (wig maintenance for revenue and increasing business opportunities)


This class is $249 per person. A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your space. The remaining balance must be paid by 2 weeks before the class.


Dates for upcoming NYC 101 workshops are :  

  • June : Monday 6/ 11
  • September : Monday 9/10


Each participant will receive a workbook.


If you are interested in this workshop, please select the tab on the left to add yourself to the waiting list.

LeMetric Ventilation Wig Making Workshop
Join Us For Our Ventilation Wig Making Intensive
Next Class TBD / RSVP for Details

Established NYC wig designers Elline Surianello and King Kellz invite you to join them for a wonder and fun day learning about the ventilation wig making technique.


Some of the topics covered include :

  • Designing, measuring and creating a template for size and style.
  • Bases, laces, ribbons and threads.
  • Processed human hair vs. virgin hair
  • Perfecting ventilation knots (single and double).


All participants will receive a free wig making kit and  create a 3×3 piece.


This class is $499 per person. A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your space. The remainin balance must be paid up to 7 days prior to the class.


If you are interested in this class, please click the RSVP tab on this page.

000 - The Facts About Women's Hair Thinning & Loss.
Free Bonus Class / 2 hours

This optional class is a free bonus that will take place at the end of all NYC classes. We will cover points that all hair stylists should know when servicing a client living with hair thinning and loss issues.


  • The consultation process.
  • Grooming and self-care.
  • Hair loss truth and lies.
  • Looking at this from a retail business standpoint.


*Remember that you must RSVP in advanced for this class as well.

“It’s amazing how much work goes into making a beautiful wig!”


“LeMetric’s wig making class was a great introduction to making high quality wigs from start to finish. I left feeling inspired to start my business and pursue my passion.”


“The class was very professional and informative. I truly learned alot and plan on attending more classes. Thank you!”


“I Thoroughly enjoyed today’s workshop. I came away with a whole different perspective on hair industry and re-affirmed my passion for hair.”


“The workshop helped too explain the wonderful and intense world of wigs. The class was fun and explained techniques that are great to explore the possibilities of wig making.”


“I learned a wealth of information on customizing and offering pre-made units for my clients who suffer with hair loss all in one day. I will definitely be back for the advanced training class. I felt stuck before this class with designing units, now I feel more secure with doing so.”


“This class was invaluable! The techniques I learned for wig making will definitely help me in starting my business. It was alot to digest in one session but it was worth every penny!”


“The immense knowledge, history and future of this industry that I learned today was incredible. I’m looking forward to continue my learning of the craft.”