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LeMetric Becomes a Honored Service Provider of the TLC Foundation for BFRB

In the early days of LeMetric, we had a woman visit us who had Trichotillomania and it was our first time working with someone who lived with this impulse control issue. It was important for us that we learn more it at the time, so we did some research and joined a support group. Later on in the 1990’s, we had the pleasure of meeting Christina Pearson who is the founder of The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors and helped build a fantastic online support community for those with Trich.

Happy Anniversary AARDA – Let’s Give Back

Along our journey here at LeMetric, the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association has been an invaluable resource to our company and our clients. We’ve met many women who are living with an Autoimmune related disease that contribute to their hair thinning and/or loss, and most of these women are familiar with AARAD in one way or another. If they are not, it is the first resource we recommend.

Can This Device Help You Kick Trichotillomania?

Being that we at LeMetric specialize in a broad range of hair challenges, we often work with women who live with Trichotillomania which is the habit of pulling out one’s hair. Sometimes it is a minor issue that can be addressed and abandoned once identified, but as most of us know kicking a habit is not easy, even after major damage is done.

Along comes Liv, which sounds like it might be an extremely helpful solution. Created by HabitAware, Liv is a bracelet, much like a fitness bracelet, and it’s purpose is to alert you to certain behavioral patterns.

The LeMetric Hair Studio Supports Lupus Awareness Month

The LeMetric Hair Studio Supports Lupus Awareness Month

Fact : 1.5 million Americans are afflicted  with the chronic illness known as Lupus.

Fact : Of the 1.5 millions affected by the debilitating disease, 90% of them are women between 15 to 44 years of age.

Fact : Women of color are two to three times more at risk for Lupus than Caucasians.

In recognition of Lupus Awareness Month, LeMetric Real World Hair Salon has partnered with blogger and Lupus Warrior, Tiffany Peterson of to share her unique journey of what it’s like to battle the chronic disease over the past six years since being diagnosed, and the impact it’s had on her physically as well as mentally.