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Living With Hair Challenges and How LeMetric Can Help

This week we had the pleasure of seeing one of our oldest clients. At 73 years of age, she is a lovely woman and fun to be around, but with this visit, she was a bit glum. She confided in us that after over 45 years together, she and her husband are going to part ways. Aside from being saddened by the state of her relationship, we realized that her stress is taking it’s toll on her and accelerating her hair thinning. Unfortunately, her hair is in the worst state we’ve ever seen it in.

VIDEO : Women Go Bald For A Day

The team at Buzzfeed has played a huge part in how some of us stay updated on the latest news. Along with the most recent news, they are also very well known for various YouTube series, one of which is called LadyLike, and they recently posted a clip where two women trade in their locks for a bald cap and go about their business for the day. They also speak to a woman who is bald voluntarily and another who is bald due to Alopecia.

5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Lush Locks Without Letting Salt Water Dry Them Out

Ladies, Summer has finally arrived and with it a few cardinal tips on how to remain fabulous while combatting the elements. If you’re a Mermaid at heart or a beach dweller like us, you may notice how your hair’s over exposure to salt water can wreak havoc on your tresses over time, causing them to become brittle and break. Well, you’re in luck ladies…tis the season of having a great head of hair with a few key essentials that will allow you to frolic in the ocean while maintaining your mane….