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Who is the Woman That Wears a Wig or Hairpiece

Who Are the Women That Wear Wigs or Hairpieces?

The reasons women will wear additional hair such as a wig or hairpiece can vary. In the end, it is all about making the woman feel confident and that is something we can all relate to. Here at LeMetric, we have three very specific clients we work with.

The Fashionista

This is the woman who is on top of all the latest trends. One day her hair will be chocolate brown curls that cascade down her back, and the next day she is wearing a bone straight platinum bob. She likes to have fun with her hair, and she might even start a few trends of her own just because she can. The fashion plate is proud of her wig collection and is always open to an exciting new look.

The Discrete Curator

For some, wearing a wig or hairpiece fulfills the very specific purpose of making up for what they don’t have. They are likely to be living with some form of female hair thinning or hair loss, and they use additional hair to discreetly blend with their own hair and to be as undetectable as possible. This savvy woman is likely to have invested in a few top quality wigs and hairpieces to provide multiple solutions to her hair challenges.

The Performer

When you are performing you need your hair to both look amazing, and stay put no matter what. Just think Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Stage lights are insanely hot, and sweat can easily work against you. Also, if you are doing the latest dance moves, you don’t want your hair to go one direction while you go in the other direction. Aside from the perfect base and securing method, the performer will want more fantastical hair that is perhaps twice as thick as a regular wig and maybe twice as long. It is also likely to be a high-intensity color to really pop on stage.

We have the pleasure of having different types of women rely on our services for years. We have worked with performers (no, we won’t name names since we don’t kiss and tell) and fashion plates, and we are well known for working with the more discreet wig wearer.

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