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Testimonials From Our Last Art of Wig Making Class

Thank you so much to the wonderful group that participated in our last Art of Wig Making class here at LeMetric.  We had such great conversations, and each person had terrific input. It is truly inspiring to see such enthusiasm in budding wig makers. As always, we’re looking forward to the next class!

If you are interested in our additional hair class and workshops, please visit our Education page and feel free to sign up for one of our FREE demos.

Class Testimonials

 “This class was packed with information. I came into it thinking I knew what to expect but there is so much to learn!” ~Amy


“I feel that this course is definitely worth the price that I paid and more. It gives you a clearer understanding of all the directions that the art of wig making can take you. I’m glad that I came.” ~Elaine


“I learned about the different types of lace, their quality and origins. I also learned how to measure a client’s head properly and how to understand the pricing of certain units.”~Andrea


“This class has been very helpful in understanding the business and the art of wigs as well as it was very educational.” ~Ebaa


“Today’s class was very educational. I felt relaxed and comfortable as it was quite intriguing.” ~Talia


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