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New Season, New Look – Elline’s Hair Makeover

Just like many of her clients, LeMetric founder Elline Surianello is a vibrant woman who lives with hair challenges. For Elline, her Alopecia started when she was young and progressed over the years. Thankfully that was what inspired her to start LeMetric and develop a team of hair experts dedicated to the creation of high-quality wigs and hairpieces here in our Midtown Manhattan hair studio and salon.

Elline thought it was time to refresh her look, and now her new curls look great!


What inspired you to change your hair this season?

I really like to switch things up, and the beauty of wearing additional hair is that I can easily change my look and experiment. I have a big personal collection of wigs and hairpieces that I can always go back to, but I get inspired to try something new now and then as well. Why not? I refuse to get stuck in a rut with my look!!


Tell us about the color.

I really like playing with and enhancing hair color. The way I look at it, I can have a great cut, but if the color is off, it won’t have the effect I want. I was wearing straight hair that was in bright and deep reds for a while and recently I wanted to have more of natural yet rich browns that were closer to my natural color. We tried different things with the color and blends for a while and came up with this. I feel like it the warmth of this color complements my features well. I really love it.


We love the curls! What inspired you to go curly this time?

Ha-Ha! I love my curls too! It is great to see all the love and encouragement these days for curly ladies. Curls were not always celebrated like they are today but I’m really glad we are coming around. Since my hair is naturally curly, I decided it was time to go back to that. This is who I am.


Do you think it is important for women to change their appearance?

I most certainly do! I am no longer 25 years old, and most of my clients are mature like I am, but that does not mean that we can’t indulge in the trends and renew our looks whenever we want. When I walk out into the world, I want to look good, and when I look good, I feel good. If that does not happen for you, then I think something is not right. You’re letting a part of yourself down. Your image is important, and you should nurture it and be proud of it whether you’re 18 or 81.


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