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Hair Color and the Mature Woman - Things to Consider |

Hair Color and the Mature Woman – Things to Consider

As we age our hair ages also and it needs special care. This is not to say that we CAN’T color our hair as we like, but there are some things we should keep in mind to make sure the color process is not damaging, harsh and is well maintained. Here are some recommendations we have from years of professional experience.


  • Hair health is everything no matter what your age. But add hair thinning, greying and an increased fragility, and you might need to put in extra effort to have your hair look the way you want it to. Remember that healthy hair looks better, reacts to coloring and styling better, and frames your beautiful face better.


  • Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. Did we say moisture? Keeping your hair moisturized is very important to maintain elasticity and to combat chemical damage. Do not over wash your hair because that strips it of moisture and the added color. Deep condition on a regular basis, treat yourself to a fancy hair mask now and then and look into a quality hair oil.


  • To keep your hair strong, do some research on protein treatments and then talk to our hair stylist about it for their opinion. Everyone does not need protein treatments, but it does wonders on those who do. Please note that we don’t recommend doing protein treatments at home especially if you have never done them before. They can actually make your hair stiff and brittle if not applied correctly. Talk to your stylist and have them add it to your regular maintenance appointments.


  • If you want to go lighter with your hair, do it carefully and bleach your hair in stages. This will make the process less stressful on your strands, and you run less risk of damage.


Hair Color and the Mature Woman - Things to Consider |


  • Don’t go highlight crazy. Unless you are going for a very bold, high-fashion look, the purpose of highlights is to look subtle, and to add dimension and nuance. If a highlight is too bold, and not expertly applied it defeats the purpose.


  • Beware of going too dark with your hair. If the color is too saturated and opaque, you run the risk of it coming across as incredibly harsh, making new growth more visible and leaching the life from your face. Talk to your stylist about ways to soften the color and make it more flattering.


  • Rather than coloring your own hair, maybe it would be better for you to invest in a quality wig. By using this protective style, you can avoid damage to your strands and have a new look whenever you like.


Hair Color and the Mature Woman - Things to Consider |


  • Last but in no way least… Do you think it’s time to consider letting your natural hair color grow in? It is 2017, and there is a natural revolution going on. Perhaps you would enjoy being part of that and your hair would thrive without the chemicals. It is worth thinking about.


One of the many great things about getting older is that you have more freedom to do whatever you want. These tips are only meant to be helpful in finding a hair color that works for you. The only rule is that there are no rules as long as your hair is healthy.


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