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About That Ridiculous Older Woman Short hair Rule |

About That Ridiculous Older Woman Short hair Rule

Aside from providing expert wig making, maintenance, and education services, LeMetric is also a full-service salon. We think we have some of the best clients in the world including a wide variety of wonderful women. This blog post is inspired by our clients who sport their natural hair, but our additional hair clients should be able to relate as well.

Aging has never really been a forgiving process. Particularly for women. Aside from natural changes that one goes through, there are a certain set of rules that some expect us to adhere to. One of these rules is that around the age of 50 you should have a “sensible haircut”.

There are many hairstylists who will tell a seasoned woman that shorter hair makes her look younger and longer hair automatically ages her. That is a big fat lie. The actual length of your hair has nothing to do with how old you look. If your hair looks healthy and well cared for, it will compliment you and look fabulous regardless of what length it is. If you like long flowing locks, feel free to wear where your hair that way no matter how old you are.

Here are three facts regarding older women and long hair :

  • The health of your hair is important. If you’re coloring your hair to cover the greys regularly, then you might have a fair amount of damage which requires regular trims so growing your hair past a certain length might not be an option for you. The same goes for it you are relaxing/texturizing your hair or using heat on your hair regularly.


  • Another thing to consider is if your hair is thin, in order for it to look thicker you don’t want the weight that comes with long hair. What might work better is a more layered or wispy cut above your shoulders that will allow you to create volume.


  • But when it comes down to it, after a certain age some women just don’t want to worry about high maintenance hair. They will find liberation in cute little bob or pixie cut that make caring for their hair super easy.


So sure, there are some things to take into consideration, and the above reasons are why you might see many mature women with shorter hair. But in the end, there are no hard and fast style rules to how you live your life past a certain age. If anything you earned the right to be a rebel at 50. So do whatever floats your boat and if that means wearing your hair long, then more power to you.


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