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What Should I Do with My Hair Under My Wig?

So you are about to go on your fabulous new wig journey, and you are super excited! You’ll have the hair of your dreams, and you’ll look awesome and… Wait a minute. What about your own hair under your wig? What are you going to do with it?

There are various techniques that people use for protecting their hair under their wig, and we all develop our tricks over time. Our goal with this blog post is not technique, but rather the best practices for keeping your hair healthy under your wig because regardless as to if you wear your wig once a week or every day, you want to practice good hair care and hygiene at all times.

  • Stick to a regular washing and conditioning routine. Just because you wear a wig, it doesn’t mean you can skip on washing your hair. You may not have to wash your hair as often, but you should still attend to it and maintain it regularly. You can still get build up, you can still get scalp conditions, and your hair can still become damaged if it is left uncared for under your wig.


  • Find a way to protect your hair under your wig, so it does not get tangled and matted. Depending on the texture, thickness, and length of your own hair there are various ways to do this. The idea is to find a way to lay down your hair. This act also creates a clean foundation for your wig to sit upon. Options include using pins and braiding the hair as needed.


  • To wear a wig cap, or to not wear a wig cap. Not everyone needs a wig cap, but some can benefit from one. For instance, if your own hair is short and straight, a wig cap can help lay down your hair and add traction when otherwise things can get slippery. If you have short and curly/coily hair, a wig cap will help lay your hair down and decrease volume. Also, some people who have longer hair prefer to tuck their hair in a wig cap. If you decide to go with a wig cap, remember that you need to wash it regularly.


  • Be very mindful of your hairline. Wigs can do damage to your hairline so watch out for this. Don’t wear your wigs too tight. Be careful how you pin or braid your hair along the edges. Be careful with the wig closures. Be careful of how you use adhesives. Don’t allow anything that will snag or pull at your hair.


  • Give yourself regular scalp massages. Your scalp will get less stimulation if you’re wearing a wig regularly. Treat yourself to a gentle scalp massage at night to make up for this. They are relaxing, and your scalp will thank you for it.


  • Make sure your own hair is dry before putting on your wig. Unless you want to encourage bacteria, fungus and other troubling things under your wig, you will make sure your own hair is 100% dry before putting your wig on.


  • Lastly, let your own hair breath. Regardless as to the reason that you’re wearing a wig, you still want to show your own hair and scalp some TLC. Take your wig off when you are at home. Designate non-wigs days to give your hair and scalp a break. Let your scalp feel the sun and a nice breeze now and then.


In the end, the answer is you should treat your hair gently and thoughtfully as always.

Let us know if you have any input or questions in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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