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Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair |

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

When investing in a wig or hairpiece, one of the first options your need to decide on is whether you want your piece to consist of human (natural) or synthetic (man-made) hair. Both options have their pros and cons. Here at LeMetric we primarily work with human hair since we typically create wigs and hairpieces that women wear every day and they need the additional hair to be a perfect match or replacement for their own hair. But sometimes you just want a fashion wig for fun or a particular event, and in that case, synthetic might be a better option.

Here are some valuable points regarding the differences between human hair and synthetic wigs :


  • Cost. On average, human hair costs fairly more than synthetic. Human hair has to be harvested and then processed, so a lot goes into it before it reaches the actual wig making process whereas synthetic hair is just manufactured to be a certain color and texture.


  • Look. Synthetic hair usually has a more fantastical look to it. It is likely to be super shiny, and the texture will be perfect and uniform all over. It is like comparing fake flowers to real flowers. Fake flowers are nice looking, and they are perfect clones of each other, but a real flower has nuances that makes it authentic and you will never find another that looks like it, and the same goes for human hair.


  • Human hair is going to act just like your hair. If you’re at a picnic on a humid August day, the human hair is going to react. If you style the hair with only a little product, the style might not last through the day. Synthetic hair generally will maintain itself better, and it’s style is extremely resilient.


  • Heat. Heat is a big NO-NO with synthetic hair. Do not take your curling iron or blow dryer to your synthetic hair unless you’re fully prepared for likely issues.


  • Styling options. You can style a natural hair wig just like you would your own hair. With synthetic hair, the style you get initially is, for the most part, all you have to work with.


  • Overall maintenance. Synthetic hair will not need as much care as natural hair will. You won’t need to wash it as often, and you will not need to style it.


  • Color. If you need a pink sherbet unicorn color wig, you can easily find it as a synthetic. But if you wanted that as natural hair, that would cost you because that would be additional complex color services. Synthetic hair comes in a dizzying rainbow of shades from ordinary to wacky. Human hair comes in limited colors and need to be processed if you want something extraordinary. Also, synthetic keeps color forever. Natural hair that’s colored will fade over time just like with the hair on our heads.


  • Durability. Synthetic hair is likely to suffer more from regular wear and tear. Synthetic hair has about less than half of the lifespan of human hair.


Which do you prefer when it comes to your wigs and hairpieces? Do you go for human hair or synthetic hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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