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Deb's Hair Makover |

Deb’s LeMetric Hair Makeover

We recently had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Deb.

A sweet and soft spoken women, Deb was very self-conscious about the state of her hair after surviving cancer. Like many people, the illness ravaged her on the inside, and the treatment took it’s toll on the outside. While incredibly thankful to have overcome it, one unpleasant reminder is the hair that she lost and never got back.

Many of our clients live with hair loss from cancer, and we do our best to ease their mind and help them feel better about themselves.

For Deb we set to work creating a hairpiece with subtle highlights that would frame her face with a wispy side bang. Afterward, we cut both the piece and her hair into a bob style. In the end, the hairpiece was the perfect match to her own hair. It was fantastic to see her perk up with her new look.

Watch the video below to see the transformation.

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