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New Spray Tanning Services at LeMetric

Get The Glow – New Spray Tan Services at LeMetric

These days we want to look our best but are aware of the damage that comes along with lounging in the sun. We all know that it’s not worth the wrinkles and skin conditions. That’s why if you want that very special golden glow without the ill effects, you’ll get spray tans. We are very happy to join forces with certified spray tan professional Ayari to offer this service at LeMetric.

Ayari sat down with us to talk about one of her favorite topics and give basic advice for those who might be new to spray tanning.


LeMetric : How did you get into the beauty industry?
Ayari : I’ve been working as a makeup artist for 10 years now and was introduced to spray tanning by a company I freelanced for about 3 years ago. They wanted to offer in-home spray tanning services, and I became certified soon after working with them.  I’ve been spray tanning ever since for everything from private clients to special events. It is very popular all year round. Now I am here working with Elline and her team at LeMetric by appointment.


What are the benefits of spray tanning over a sun tan?
Sun tanning can cause skin cancer, premature aging, & cataracts.  Even if you get *just enough* sun to get a tan you are getting too much harmful sunlight.  To add to that, not everyone uses SPF daily as they should, which could be doubling their chance of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.  A severe sunburn alone significantly increases a person’s risk of developing skin cancer in the future.  Many people who just want to look tan from a sunny beach vacation aren’t fully aware of this.

Spray tans (sunless tanning) are a safe alternative to sun tanning.  The formulas are safe on your skin and usually last a week or more.  And you won’t have to worry about a sunburn!  The bronzy skin tone is immediately noticeable and fully develops with just a few hours. Most of my clients get spray tanned before going away or the day before a big event. For some, the best part of a spray tan is if you get some sun while on vacation (while using sunscreen, of course), you’ll come back with a deeper tan!


Tell us about the spray tan process itself and what are things to remember before and after they get a spray tan?
The tanning process is usually done topless in a pop-up tent. It’s best to wear a thong for less tan line visibility or no underwear at all, whichever you prefer.  A special barrier lotion will be applied to specific areas like toes, knees, and wrists, as they are prone to streaking or get dark spots without it. The actual spraying itself takes just a few minutes, and clients can get dressed and be on their way immediately after.

I encourage my clients to exfoliate before their appointment. But they shouldn’t use any lotion after their shower as it will prevent the spray tan formula from fully developing.  It is also best for them to wear loose clothing for the appointment.


Is there a difference in quality between the 8-hour solution and the 3-hour solution?
No. The quality is the same. The only factor here is time.  If the client gets sprayed at 3pm and is going out that evening, she can shower and be ready to go at 7pm if she books our Rapid 3 hour spray tan. It is a real convenience for many people and the only noticeable difference.


What is the best after-care once someone gets a spray tan?
Immediately after spraying my clients, I notify them to be careful with water before showering.  If water (such as rain, or from washing dishes, etc.) gets on the skin before the Solution fully develops, it will run or get spotty and fade from that area. They also shouldn’t sit on a toilet seat until their skin no longer feels sticky (while it’s still drying).

Don’t use any body oils or lotions before showering. No swimming in chlorine 24 hours after the first shower.   Clients should keep in mind, the more chlorine, the less the sunless tan may last. I recommend no swimming in pools more than once for a long lasting spray tan.

There are also sunless tan lotions for retail that add longevity to a sunkissed glow if applied daily after the spray tan appointment. It would be good to invest in some for your after-care. I recommend Kiehl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula.


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