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5 Tips For Living With Alopecia From LeMetric Founder Elline Surianello

In honor of Alopecia Awareness month, I’d like to talk about how I’ve lived with Alopecia all my life and how you can do the same.

Like any other life altering change, the loss of hair can have a profound impact on you. At 13 years old, I came to the realization that there was a serious issue with my hair. For me, Alopecia was a tough pill to swallow because it was not just about my hair, it was also tied into how I felt about myself. As I got older, I tried to live with the idea of wearing ugly, poor quality wigs my entire life until 1989, when I decided to change that, and LeMetric was born. I was determined to help myself and others living with Alopecia.

Living with Alopecia can be very emotional. But I’m one to make lemonade out of lemons. Thousands of women deal with it by finding the hair solutions that works for them and then they move on with their life.But if you’re torn up about having alopecia, allow me to give you a bit of advice from my personal experience. I hope it helps.

1) There is no cure, and there is no quick fix. The sooner you come to terms with this the better. Be honest with yourself and those you love about it. It will make things far easier for you.

2) Think of your wigs and hair pieces as accessories. Just as you collect shoes and maintain them and have fun buying them, think of buying hair like that. Try to make it fun.

3) There are those who just shave their head. This can be very freeing, and many women have had very positive experiences doing this. And you have to admit, some women with cropped hair look great! Think about it. Maybe this is the liberation you need.

4) You might have to explain it to people often. Don’t get upset at this. The more open and confident you are about it, the more people will respect you for living with it in such a manner and the less of a big deal it becomes.

5) The world will not end. Yes, it can be hard, but it is just another blip for us to live with. No one is perfect; the sun will rise in the morning, and you have a very happy and full life while living with Alopecia.

In the end, we can’t control the cards we’re dealt, but we can control what we do with them. Alopecia is not the end of the world, and it is not bigger than you.

If you have any advice to share or questions, feel free to add them to the comments section below.

Ciao! ~ Elline S.


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