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LeMetric Becomes a Honored Service Provider of the TLC Foundation for BFRB

In the early days of LeMetric, we had a woman visit us who had Trichotillomania and it was our first time working with someone who lived with this impulse control issue. It was important for us that we learn more it at the time, so we did some research and joined a support group. Later on in the 1990’s, we had the pleasure of meeting Christina Pearson who is the founder of The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors and helped build a fantastic online support community for those with Trich.

Since meeting Christina, we’ve seen her and her staff lead the charge and make a massive difference in so many lives. So we were pretty excited when the below certificate came in the mail.


We appreciate the foundation for recognizing our efforts to provide exceptional  services to the Trichotillomania community. At LeMetic, we do our absolute best to help women with Trich recognize their beauty.

Thankfully those with Trich have a voice through The TLC Foundation, and at LeMetric, we are always happy to listen.


LeMetric is located at 124 E. 40th St., Suite 601, New York, NY 10016.

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