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VIDEO : Women Go Bald For A Day

The team at Buzzfeed has played a huge part in how some of us stay updated on the latest news. Along with the most recent news, they are also very well known for various YouTube series, one of which is called LadyLike, and they recently posted a clip where two women trade in their locks for a bald cap and go about their business for the day. They also speak to a woman who is bald voluntarily and another who is bald due to Alopecia.

What’s interested about this clip is the honesty. These women know they’re lucky in that they can do this “just because” and are not forced to due to stress or health issues, but even knowing their hair was safe and secure under the bald cap, they admit to mixed emotions.  Watch the video to see how their day goes and then let us know in the comment section below what you think about their experience.



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