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5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Lush Locks Without Letting Salt Water Dry Them Out

Ladies, Summer has finally arrived and with it a few cardinal tips on how to remain fabulous while combatting the elements. If you’re a Mermaid at heart or a beach dweller like us, you may notice how your hair’s over exposure to salt water can wreak havoc on your tresses over time, causing them to become brittle and break. Well, you’re in luck ladies…tis the season of having a great head of hair with a few key essentials that will allow you to frolic in the ocean while maintaining your mane….

Historically for women, there has always been the misnomer that swimming in salt water as opposed to Chlorine was better for your hair. However, according to Bustle salt water is likely to be just as hard on your mane and could easily be the culprit for your fried hair.

 Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips recommended by Bustle for keeping your mane hydrated while visiting the beach.

Wet Hair

 1. Wet hair before jumping in– Due to the fact salt-water can seriously dry your mane out, it’s recommended that if you plan on taking a dive in the ocean, you should first rinse your hair under clean, cold, fresh water. According to reports, this will seal the pores in your tresses making harder for salt to penetrate it.

Coconut Oil

2. Keep hair hydrated with an oil. Being that salt water has the tendency to dry your tresses out, the best solution to combat it is keeping your locks hydrated with an oil. Do apply Coconut, Jojoba or Olive Oil into your mane prior to frolicking in the ocean.

Marco conditioner

3.Leave in Conditioner– If you’re planning to be a beach bum all summer, we recommend a great sunblock as well fabulous leave in conditioner. As a Leave-in-Conditioner was purposefully created for occasions such as this, investing in a good one is essential to maintaining your mane’s luster.

Color conserve

4.Take care of your color– Have color in your hair? Be mindful of the shampoo you decide to use as you should always use a color safe shampoo that is designed to help you preserve the color.


5. Do NOT brush, but comb your hair– Upon detangling your hair after you wash and dry, use wide tooth comb to minimize shedding, pulling or breaking.

Can any readers attest to any of these tips having worked for them? Chime in below.

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