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The LeMetric Hair Studio Supports Lupus Awareness Month

The LeMetric Hair Studio Supports Lupus Awareness Month

Fact : 1.5 million Americans are afflicted  with the chronic illness known as Lupus.

Fact : Of the 1.5 millions affected by the debilitating disease, 90% of them are women between 15 to 44 years of age.

Fact : Women of color are two to three times more at risk for Lupus than Caucasians.

In recognition of Lupus Awareness Month, LeMetric Real World Hair Salon has partnered with blogger and Lupus Warrior, Tiffany Peterson of to share her unique journey of what it’s like to battle the chronic disease over the past six years since being diagnosed, and the impact it’s had on her physically as well as mentally.

We are happy to present our newest hair and beauty makeover series  that will feature LeMetric salon owner, Elline Surianello and numerous brave, wise and gorgeous women. We are going to delve beneath the surface to reveal how real women battling with autoimmune disorders find the beauty in life while balancing the ugliness of disease. Our mission is to enlighten, empower, celebrate, and inspire those dealing with their own unique set of challenges.

Please help spread the word and spark conversation by reposting our video.  Until there is a cure, our best defense is sharing our knowledge.

For further information on Lupus please visit and

You can find more of our videos on our YouTube Channel.


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