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Hair Challenges : What's the Big Secret? |

Hair Challenges : What’s the Big Secret?

The other night I was watching the red carpet for the Met Gala and a friend sent me a text. We ended up watching it all unfold simultaneously from the comfort of our couches miles apart. Being that I work at a hair studio that creates wigs and hairpieces for women, I took it upon myself to point out all the additional hair being worn by the celebrities.

My friend was appalled.

Her : “Oh my god! Are you kidding me? That is not all her hair?????”

Me : “No Amy. It is wig. An expensive and gorgeous wig.”

Her : “Oh no! I thought that was her hair!”

Me : That’s the idea. What’s the big deal? She looks stunning. She could not get that look with her hair and if she could, her hair would most likely be damaged from it. Her real hair is safe and snug under that wig.”

Her : “Noooooo…. If I ever wore fake hair I would hate that people talked about it. It’s just so personal and icky to talk about!”

Me : “Darling,I love you but you need to get over it. The secret it out and it’s been out. Enhancing one’s hair is not a big deal.”

I get it. As a woman, our hair is our crowning glory. We learn this young. The bible mentions a woman’s hair 14 times. Our dolls all have luxurious full hair down their back. In the media most female models have perfect, shiny hair. Hair is a huge part of being a woman and we are pressured to be perfect all the time, making our imperfections our dirty little secrets.

But point out to a fan that their rock idol, favorite actress or fashion mogul is sporting a high quality wig and you will tilt the world off it’s axis. It is “icky” to be truthful about a woman’s beauty. I love Amy to death, but it saddens me that she finds any part of being a woman “icky”.

These celebrities use additional hair to enhance their look just like any normal person would. It can be purely for vanity/creativity sake. It could also be because they are getting older and their hair is thinning. Or maybe they are extremely stressed out and that causes hair loss. Also, autoimmune diseases don’t discriminate. Just because you’re in the latest hot movie, strutted down the runways during Paris fashion week or just released your 6th album to high acclaim,  it does not mean you are not susceptible to the illnesses of ordinary women. Celebrities are not hair superheros by default.

In my mind, a hair superhero is someone who faces hair challenges straight on and don’t let them run their life. I have Traction Alopecia so on one side, by my hairline, it is thinner than the other side. I don’t try to fool myself. I know what’s going on and while I would rather not have it, I deal with it and keep it moving. I know that the longer my hair is the easier it is to hide. But still, I just cut my hair because I WANTED more of a shape for Spring/Summer. I might let my hair grow in, and that would help hide my imperfection, but as of right now, I refuse to let my hair challenge drive me crazy. I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed or fearful. Maybe next Winter I’ll get a fun wig made or add a piece or commit to a weave. There are lots of options for me to wear hair the way I want to and that is the beautiful thing. There are options for every hair issue and those decisions are my own to make.

We don’t have to keep these hair secrets and there is absolutely nothing “icky” about wanting our hair to look however we want it to.

Are your hair challenges a big secret? Do you hate when the secrets behind a woman’s beauty are revealed? Let us know your thoughts.


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