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LeMetric Visits Waterside Villas for a Convesation with Mature Women About Their Hair

This past weekend we had the pleasure of packing up and taking our mobile vehicle on the road to visit the women at the Waterside Villa Senior Residence in New Jersey . When we lead these conversations about hair and modern beauty standards with mature women, it is always an enlightening experience that allows a great deal of wisdom (which is one of the finer qualities of the older woman) to be shared by all.

We offered hair cuts and brought some wigs and pieces with us. Everyone had loads of fun trying new looks, but more importantly, no matter what stage we’re in our life, all women deserve a voice and deserve to feel beautiful. And if we can help facilitate that with our expertise, then mission accomplished.

It was a blast and we are looking forward to the next road trip!

If you are interested in having LeMetric visit your Senior Residence, please feel free to contact us at 212.986.5620.


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