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How LeMetric Differs From Competitors

How LeMetric Salon’s Manufacturing of Custom Hairpieces Differ From Competitors?

While there are an assortment of options out there for women dealing with hair challenges such as drastic hair loss and or thinning, ranging from costly hair transplant procedures, to women wearing overly processed hair pieces. LeMetric Salon owner, Elline Surianello shows clients how her handmade pieces made in NYC differ vastly from her competitors.

Surianello gives clients an in depth look into her manufacturing process of LeMetric Luxe extensions, and how her customized hairpieces come together one hair strand at a time through a rigorous process that guarantees high quality and longevity for each client.

LeMetric pieces are handmade right here in NYC, and created free of glues and synthetic fibers, and are made with cotton and silk closures that allow the scalp to breath as each piece comes ventilated. Thus allowing clients to meet their unique lifestyle needs. Get a glimpse of our process below.

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