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Winter Weather Drying Your Hair Out? 5 Reasons You Should Try Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask #LeMetricSalon

    Changing seasons tend to wreak havoc on our hair. For example, cold weather tends to leave our mane feeling dull, dry and lackluster. However, looks like Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Recovery Mask may provide the perfect antidote to whip your hair back into shape for warmer days ahead.

Although we may not have the time or the funds to fit a weekly salon trip into schedule for a deep conditioning treatment, here are five reasons why you should should consider Neutrogena’s newest product that’s received stellar reviews from ladies all around the world just like you.

Here are top five reasons you should make the plunge and indulge in the Triple Moisture Recovery Mask …..

5. For the mere price point of $8.00 ladies, you have a lifeline in a jar which could be the key to revitalizing dry and damaged hair. At $8, what’s the harm in trying?

4.  If you’re like us, we live for product reviews and like to assess the lay of the land sometimes before we decide to try something. Fortunately for us, the Triple Moisture Recovery Mask has received rave reviews. We’re talking 4.5 out of 5 stars…and at price point of $8, that’s hard to beat.

3. The beauty about the mask is that it is truly no muss, no fuss. To get desired results you simply use once a week, for 3-5 minutes perhaps longer if you want to luxuriate, then rinse and carry on about your day as usual.

2. Not only does the product deeply penetrate your scalp with one moisturizing base, but it uses a trifecta approach and combines olive oil that helps reach the center,  Meadowfoam Seed which helps moisturize the middle and Sweet Almond which wraps the surface.

1. The number one reason you should try it? It it will make your tresses feel like absolute silk!

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