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The LeMetric Hair Design Studio / entertainment  / Wiggin’Out: Lex Luthor Sports Shoulder Length Locks in Batman V Superman

  Prior to its release last week, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was the talk of Tinseltown despite it bringing in disappointing numbers it first week out. However, this wasn’t the only thing being talked about for hardcore fans patiently anticipating the fateful moment. To many’s surprise, the character who played Lex Luthor, Jess Eisenberg sports a full head of hair versus the villain’s signature bald look.

In the new installment of Batman V Superman,the villainous Luthor sports shoulder length locks which many didn’t believe was native to his character. In most of the images throughout history symbolizing Luthor, he is bald.

Eisenberg who plays the character typically has a close cropped haircut which caused many to scratch their heads. Why was he wearing a wig? And what was the importance of the director showing Luthor with hair? According to the Los Angeles Times, Eisenberg told the outlet the scene where Luthor loses his hair is the “greatest scene” he’s ever done. Thus suggesting the loss of his hair leads up to a very pinnacle moment in the film.

Have you checked out the film yet?


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