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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story & Explains Turning Down $1 M From Johnson & Johnson

For years many women across the globe have incorporated using talcum powder into their hygiene regiment. However, recently ladies learned the severity of using the product as Johnson & Johnson was just ordered to pay a $72 million dollar judgment after members  of deceased woman’s family was able to prove that her 30 year use of their product contributed to the Ovarian cancer that ultimately took her life. On the heels of that, Ovarian cancer survivor Deane Berg Deane Berg, 58, a physician’s assistant from Sioux Falls, SD now shares her story.

According to Berg she began to notice some  irregularities going on within her body in 2006, at the age of 49 when she began spotting between her periods. Initially she chalked it up to her preparing to go into menopause, but learned it was much more serious.

By December her physician had informed her that she had a hemorrhagic ovary, and as a result both of them ended up being removed. Despite undergoing the procedure, in Jan.2007 she learned that she had stage 3 cancer which was indeed devastating to her as she was facing a life expectancy of 5 years. Berg went on to do a full hysterectomy and was expected to do 6 months of chemotherapy.

Johnson & Johnson

During her procedures Berg recalls coming across information from a publication by the name of Gilda’s Club,  given to her by her Oncologist that suggested talcum powder was one of the causes of her Ovarian cancer.

After learning of a lawsuit filed against Johnson & Johnson in 2012 by an Alabama woman, Berg followed suit in South Dakota in 2013, but was only awarded $1.3 million dollars which she ultimately refused because she did not want to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prevent her from warning other women of the dangers.

See Berg share her full story HERE

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