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LeMetric is Seeking Models For Free Spring Hair Make Overs

Ladies, are you apart of the 23.5 million women in the U.S. struggling with hair challenges such as hair loss and or hair thinning due to a health imbalance? If so, we’d like hear your story and extend a free hair and beauty make over just in time for spring!
LeMetric Real World Hair is currently looking for a select group of women ages 25-55 for , April 4th to come in between 2-5pm who are open to sharing their story, and willing to be filmed if selected for our beauty transformations.
Before & After Beauty Make Over 3
Could this be you or someone you know struggling with hair challenges due to illness? If so, you MUST send us 2to 3 sentences sharing a little bit about yourself, as well as a photo OR links to your social media handles to PR@lemetric.com


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