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Finding Ways to Cope With Hair Loss & Still Feel Like a Rockstar [VIDEO]

Although the discussion of hair thinning and hair loss is typically associated with men, this is also a very prevalent issue that has impacted over 30 million women worldwide. Despite the issue being a taboo topic, women you are not alone. As you read, there are others just like yourself whom come from different backgrounds and walks of life around the world who are coming to terms with hair loss and finding healthy ways to cope while still feeling like a rockstar.

For example, take heroine Kellie from Out of Thin Hair who shared her story of losing over 70% percent to androgenetic alopecia in her early 20’s. Instead of being defined by her autoimmune disease, the fearless 25 year-old young woman came to terms with her fate, and versus shrinking away from being her authentic self, she found ways to empower herself and feel beautiful in her own skin.

As humans we are always battling with something, whether its external or internal. However, like Kellie, its important that we not be defined by these things but find ways to be confident in comfortable in our own skin. Whether you chose to go “bald and beautiful” as Kate phrased it, or vamp it up with hair extensions or even fully spice it up by adding a chic and trendy wig into your repertoire …OWN IT ladies!

Watch Kate’s inspiring story below,  and be sure to check out her blog!

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