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Cosmetic Hair Transplant Trends on the Rise Worldwide

Today hair loss and or thinning is an epidemic impacting many around the world, and its equally happening to men and women. Worldwide their are millions suffering from prematurely balding hair which has now created a booming new industry for hair care and cosmetic surgery that involves hair and hairline transplants in countries such as India and Turkey as well as the states. According to reports, in Europe people are flocking to Turkey to have procedures done and willing to spend tens of thousands of dollar on it.

Female hair transplant

Hair loss is coming more and more prevalent in societies throughout the world. Countries such as India, who’s citizens are known for having strong lush locks are now looking to expand the industry of hair care by offering financing to receive hair transplants, according to Times of India. Not to mention more and more product lines dedicated to hair thinning, dull hair and volume less hair are being created, resulting in major growth .

More and more in the states as well as other locations, robotic hair transplants, hair tattooing are all becoming very popular as it is quickly becoming the new trend in cosmetic surgery. According to reports, this is not a one time process and receivers will have to come back for multiple sessions which cost anywhere from $3500 a session, to spending between $10,000-$20,000 on the procedures. Patients are awake throughout procedures. Despite the trends growing to an all time high, their are some seekers rejected based off of what ailments they may have, hereditary, dietary issues, etc. Obviously this is something that could up being quite costly. Would you undergo the procedure?

Take a look at the hair tattooing or skin pigmentation procedure below.


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