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LeMetric goes Hollywood with BELLA New York Magazine

Timeless. Classic. Drop-dead gorgeous.

LeMetric is happy to announce our upcoming photoshoot with BELLA magazine for their Hollywood issue coming out this January…

Elline’s first meeting with Courtenay C. Hall, Daniel G. Hall and Debora Stonitch (editor-in-chief, publisher and advertising director, respectively) was spontaneous; the ingenious collaboration that soon followed was truly unexpected.

A burst of creativity and inspiration transpired and out of this gave birth to the idea of an Old Hollywood photoshoot with the goal of thrusting old school glamour and diversity to the forefront. Featured of course will be custom LeMetric hair on all the models, styled to the likes of classic Old Hollywood ‘dos.


Watch this space for updates as we continue to work with the lovely folks of BELLA in preparation for our photoshoot next week!

Read BELLA’s previous Hollywood issue here and follow LeMetric on Facebook for more behind the scenes looks here.

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