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LeMetric Is Now a Trich.org Hair Provider

We are proud to announce LeMetric is officially a Hair Provider for Trichotillomania Learning Center.

TLC is dedicated to those suffering fromtlc, trichotillomania, trichotillomania learning center the condition and offers information, support, and treatment to make the journey to recovery easier.

For many women living with trichotillomania, noticeable patches can be embarrassing and cause severe emotional trauma. Our hairpieces not only look natural and blends with the client’s own hair, but can prevent and deter unwanted pulling.

LeMetric has always imported, manufactured and designed our own custom hairpieces for clients of all backgrounds. We’re no strangers to trichotillomania; we’ve
been working with these clients since 1989. Schedule your free consultation with our experts today, email us at info@lemetric.com to learn more!

Find us here on Trich.org here.

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