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Elline Surianello featured in Modern Salon's Healthy Hairdresser

modern salon, elline surianello, healthy hairdresser, hair lossLeMetric founder Elline Surianello was interviewed by Modern Salon for Healthy Hairdresser about the problems she faces as a woman with alopecia in the hair industry, how she overcame these issues, and the special relationship hairdressers have with their clients.

Here’s a snippet of the article…


“Hairdressers have a very personal relationship with their clients,” Surianello observes. “You know everything about each other; you’re each other’s advocate. But sometimes you don’t talk about all of the options for dealing with hair loss. Talking about it and engaging your clients in this conversation has everyone feeling more comfortable. Sometimes it surfaces when the client has a special occasion coming up and is concerned about how her hair is going to make her feel. Together, you find solutions, and people retain their confidence despite their hair loss.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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