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Traction Alopecia Is Now A Big Problem for Men, Apparently

Who would have thought traction alopecia would be the #1 trending topic on Facebook today?

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Now, who would have thought the top articles surrounding this issue would be about men?

Typically it’s women, a majority African-American, who experience traction alopecia. This form of hair loss is caused by persistent pulling of the roots for an extended amount of time.

By now you’ve heard of the man bun, a fad sweeping across the country affecting hipster men everywhere. There’s even an Instagram dedicated to this popular hairstyle seen at Disneyland. Dermatologists are now claiming the top-knot bun is causing baldness in males.

manbunmonday, man bun


“It’s really, really common,” dermatologist Sabra Sullivan told Mic.com. “I see it probably once or twice a week.” She goes on to say, “They’re putting traction on the hair follicles that the hair is not really meant to take.”

While the condition can affect anyone regardless of gender, we remind everyone to ease up on their roots, whether its braids,  cornrows, ponytails, buns, and of course, the man bun. Traction alopecia could cause irreversible follicle death, permanent scarring, and lead to emotional trauma from hair loss.

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