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Rocker client Rew gets a rockin' makeover!

Makeovers have always been our thing here at LeMetric. 

This past week we were ecstatic to have longtime client, Rew, come in for some extra special treatment. The occasion? Rew and LeMetric founder Elline are going to star in the new video for our latest ad campaign, the new Real World Hair Academy (in session later this fall!)

Take a look at the beginning stages of Rew’s makeover!

First up, makeup by our Real World Beauty partner Bianca:

Next, mixing the perfect color (thanks, Egypt!):

Now, applying said color:

And then… you’ll have to stay tuned for Rew’s finished look! Take it from her:

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More pictures and the much anticipated video will be up next week, stay tuned!

Support awesome music! Check out Rew’s website here.

Want your own makeover? Email info@lemetric.com and book your appointment today!

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