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Freedom of Hair! Why We Love Pharrell's Latest Music Video and Its Empowering Message

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

Other than being amazingly catchy, Pharrell Williams’ new single Freedom and its accompanying music video is both a lyrical and visual treat for the senses with compelling scenes of nature, conflict, and the differing cultures of men, women, and children of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

What particularly caught our eye was the sequence of clips beginning at 1:12—several rows of women taking off their wigs. Freedom indeed!

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Clad in pastel outfits and wigs of varying colors and lengths, the women in the video are seen standing completely still, only later tapping their hands along with the beat and then walking away after removing their wigs in a dramatic fashion.

A woman taking off her wig is not something we see every day, nor is it something we usually see in mainstream media. In fact, women go to great lengths to prevent any knowledge that their hair is not their own. The long-enduring stigma placed on women dealing with hair loss and hair thinning is not wildly talked about and the concept of female pattern baldness is not yet accepted in modern society.

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The women in the music video do not truly represent the female hair loss community (they appear to not have any hair loss issues), but we believe the video’s meaning and its juxtaposition of visually stimulating images definitely encourage freedom of self, diversity, culture, and of course, hair.


We support women’s personal sense of freedom, whether it’s putting on a wig every day or showing off their bald and bold sense of style! As Pharrell sings,

Who cares what they see?
Who cares what they know?

What was your interpretation of “freedom” from the video? What does freedom mean to you? Watch the video below and let us know in the comment section!

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