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Ilana Glazer, The Curly Hair Inspiration We Didn’t Know We Needed

ilana glazer, curly hair

Photo curtesy of Zimbio

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

Have you seen Broad City yet? No? Well you’re certainly missing out on a whirlwind of nonsensical BFF adventures, pure NYC based hilarity, and the slacker wit of curly haired “kween” Ilana Glazer.

Often thought of as the female version of Workoholics, Broad City can easily be considered a win for Comedy Central as proved by the success of its first two seasons. The sitcom is praised for its countless highlights: the strength and authenticity of the female protagonists’ friendship, open discussions of the often shied away topic of female sexuality, and of course, the girls’ fondness of recreational marijuana. However, the zenith of the show for girls who tag their Instagram selfies with #curlyhairdontcare just might be the unspoken language of Ilana’s glorious short curly ‘do.

The self-proclaimed Jewess never fails to rock her curls along with her matching unrestrained, down-to-earth attitude– the kind of personality that makes for truly enjoyable television. It’s really no wonder she resonates so much with today’s young adult audience when Ilana’s the type of friend everyone wishes they had.

broad city, ilana glazer, abbi jacobson, comedy central

These broads.

Glazer also compliments her wild locks with a bold sense of style, complete with dark lipstick, big earrings, see-through tops, tuxedos, zany socks, crop tops, short shorts… and of course, her now iconic LF lattice bra that makes regular appearances on the show.

Ilana exudes this fresh, unique confidence that’s enviable and she’s exactly the kind of female protagonist we need to see more of on television. (Totally not forgetting her other half Abbi, who’s wonderfully unconventional in her own way!)

It can be said hair informs a girl’s character. When looking at Ilana and her admirable tresses, that statement couldn’t be any truer.

ilana glazer, broad city, style, fashion

This doesn’t even cover it.

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