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Introducing the LeMetric Real World Hair & Beauty Network!

LeMetric wants to thank Nidiyah, Gina, SimSim, Bianca and Misa for joining Elline in a roundtable discussion on the launch of the Real World Hair & Beauty Network and accompanying photo shoots!


Nidiyah & Gina of Sweet 821, SimSim of SimSim Stylez (L-R)

There is limited conversation about hair and beauty when it comes to women of diverse backgrounds. The beauty industry is at its core artistic, but everyone has a different interpretation as to what hair and beauty should be. It is challenging for all professionals when the multicultural beauty arena is underdeveloped.

LeMetric Real World Hair & Beauty wants to change that.

We are expanding our network to include top-rated, diverse, and creative hair and beauty experts whose work exemplifies exactly what LeMetric has championed for over 10 years now: the power of the multicultural woman and the universal language of hair.

Elline (CEO/Founder of LeMetric) with Bianca of Be You Beauty

Elline (CEO/Founder of LeMetric) with Bianca of Be You Beauty

After talking to these 5 wonderful ladies, each with their own diverse skill set, personality, and backgrounds, it was clear the future of the Real World Hair & Beauty Network is bright.

We’re truly excited to begin this journey with such talented hairstylists.

Are you a beauty expert looking to grow your own personal brand and business? Email to learn more about how you could participate in our network!

Check out our collaborators’ pages: SimSim, Gina, Nidiyah, Bianca, Misa.

Written by Felicia Rodriguez

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