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Straight Hair versus Curly Hair

Written By: Sonya Teclai

I have big naturally curly hair that I straighten from time to time.  Personally, I wake up everyday with a new hair desire.  Today, I wanted it bigger.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably want it curlier.  The day after that, I may want it straight.  My hair desires change every single day…among all of the other impulsive desires I have in life.

I find that with straight hair, I look a bit older and more mature/conventional.  Yet, with my curly hair, I look younger and more carefree.  I’ll choose my style based on how I feel/want to feel each day.  Those feelings may/will vary from woman to woman, but there is one thing that I know for certain…I’ve never thought one was ideally better than the other.  Hair is of subjective importance.  Some wear their hair a certain way because they personally love it in that particular style.  Some wear their hair a certain way because they want to be perceived in the manner they feel it is being conveyed.  Others wear their hair a certain way solely because of what others think of it…and some, frankly, don’t give a shit at all.

When I was younger, the conventional standard of beauty was straight hair.  I applied so much heat to my hair throughout middle school and half of high school to fit into that conventional standard…until finally, I stopped caring about it.  A number of factors played into my decision: the constant maintenance/damage of my hair, the rebellious attitude I had (still do), the actualization that I loved my hair until I was exposed to the desire to fit in, and the education I received on the correlation between racial stigma and hair type.  I wanted to stray as far away from the negative aspect of naturally having hair like mine, and embracing it in all of its’ beauty.  I wanted to be an example of projecting that beauty with fearlessness.

The point I am trying to get to is that many of us base our worth on our appearance, whether it is how we appear to ourselves, others, and/or both.  As women, the most important thing to remember in a world of media-driven beauty ideals…is that you are beautiful the way you are, you just have to believe it.  Yes, it is much easier said than done.  Yes, it is EXTREMELY difficult to deviate from the desire to fit into mass societal views of beauty.  Yes, it sounds cliche, yet it is the absolute truth.  The belief alone will birth an infectious and progressive self-confidence, and that is something that most cannot deny.  I don’t know about most of you, but there is a fearlessness that people who own their self-confidence have that I am innately drawn to…which, I then, proceed to emulate.

The battle is not straight hair versus curly hair, because both are expressively beautiful in their own right.  The battle is really you versus you…and once you conquer that and realize it, your hairdo is complimentary to however YOU prefer to look like each varying day.

Check out LeMetric’s model/client, Sheyna Aaron, below talking about both her naturally curly hair and straightened hair, and how both styles affect her day to day life!  Both looks were styled by LeMetric’s very own Carlos Otero (featured in the video, along with LeMetric owner Elline Surianello).  Carlos Otero has also worked on J Lo‘s hair, along with many other amazing clients!  Click on the videos below and stop by the LeMetric website ( for multicultural hair services like the ones provided to Sheyna 🙂

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