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How I Correctly Treated My Dry Curls in 1 Month

“You have very dry hair” – every hairdresser ever.

My fellow ladies with the thick curly Spanish hair you try to beat into submission with your straightener, please stand up!

I know I can’t be the only one out there. Ever since my mom trusted me enough to do my own hair, I’ve been blow drying/hot ironing/straightening/what-have-you my strands about once a week. Let’s do the math.

10 years x 52 weeks = 520 1-3 hour-long hair destroying sessions. (3 hours with my initial clunky straightener, 1 with my new-and-improved Remington.)

I wish I could tide-to-go back in time and stop myself from posing like this.

I wish I could tide-to-go back in time and stop myself from posing like this.

This does not include the quick straightening in the morning every weekday before school.

I did not understand why every hairdresser would finger-comb through my hair and tsk-tsk me to no end. I just wanted to look good. My wavy/curly hair did not fit in with the look I was trying to go for (all my scene/emo ladies with the flip and the teased hair, please st… no, never mind.)

Not only was I zapping the moisture out of my hair on a daily basis, but I was going the extra-regrettable step of bleaching it whenever I felt like it. Orangey-yellow, fire truck red, dark purple, forest green, blue-black… you get the picture.

“Not cool. Not. cool.” – actual real-life quote from my hair.

It wasn’t until recently I decided to really take control of this bird’s nest on top of my head. The problem is, however, there’s a plethora of products dedicated to helping repair my hair AND I’VE TRIED THEM ALL.

But. BUT. I’ve found my calling in the form of some tall purple bottles and a small cute brown one.

My saviors

My saviors

My hair soaked this up.

3 oils in 1. Thank you.

  1. ProDesign Tiger – Moisturizing Shampoo, Reconstructor Masque, Protein Moisture Mist, and Protein Reconstructor
  2. Artègo Rain Dance Serum Oil

I first started using ProDesign’s products when Elline recommended them to me on my first day working here. A month later and my hair is actually shiny. And it STAYS shiny. What? Amazing. Elline also had her talented stylist Ana trim and color correct my hair (I had 4 different colors back there? Not surprised considered my colorful past, but still!)

Before & After

Amaze. Lovin’ my dark violet brown curls.

When I wanted to go straight again (love my natural curls but sometimes you just want that sleek look) I was recommended the Rain Dance serum oil and wow- “precious hydrating beauty elixir” is right. I didn’t know silk proteins was a thing I needed in my hair/life until now.

I seriously suggest you check these products out. As they’re only available to stylists and salons, LeMetric wouldn’t mind giving you a hand.

Invest in yo curls, girl!

By: Felicia Rodriguez

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