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Zendaya's Locs

Disney Channel star Zendaya likes to change up her hair. Her Instagram shows her in everything from soft waves to braids, from natural curls to pin-straight hair. At the Grammy Awards on February 8th, she sported a cute pixie cut wig, telling an interviewer from PerezHilton.com,”That’s the beauty of this industry. You can do almost anything (to your hair) without actually having to do it.”

Two weeks later at the Oscars, she decided to wear locs, to, in her own words, “showcase them in a positive light, to remind people of color that our hair is good enough.” When Giuliana Rancic commented on E’s “Fashion Police” that Zendaya’s locs made her “feel like she smells like patchouli oil . . . or weed,” Zendaya called her out, responding with a well-thought-out, researched response on Instagram. https://twitter.com/Zendaya/status/570075725765541888/photo/1

Zendaya has received a great deal of support and praise from celebrities including singer India Arie, who points out the real issue, that there is “a form of entertainment where people are excused to be snarky and unkind.”

In the New York Times article, “Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics,” about backlash within the black community against both straightened and natural hair, Tywana Smith of Treasured Locks said she wanted her kids to be seen for who they are, that whether they “walk down the street with twists or braids, they aren’t making any other statement other than ‘Today I felt like twists.’” That was over five years ago. Will black hair ever be… just hair? What do you think?

Posted by Cathy Zimmermann

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