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Red Carpet Envy vs. Resolutions

Reese Witherspoon Golden Globes 2012There are two things that make most of us take a fresh look at who we are and how we want the world to see us. The first is a major life event—like marriage, divorce, job loss, or serious illness. The second is the start of a new year.

We start each year with a soul-searching inventory of our own shortcomings, and a new batch of resolutions to perfect ourselves.

Then entertainment awards season begins, full of stunningly symmetrical and statuesque figures in dazzling gowns and tuxes, with voluminous hair and brilliant smiles. They’re already perfect.

But it’s worth remembering that underneath the faux lashes and flattering extensions, they are still people. We all start off with the same desire to reinvent ourselves; they just have help. A lot of help. 

They’ve spent weeks or months being personally trained, and courted by top fashion designers. They’ve been styled and coiffed by experts so they won’t be charged with crimes against couture by the Fashion Police.

If you want your resolutions to stick, start with something small, something you can control, and then build on it. The satisfaction of having achieved that first goal will propel you to the next. Focus first on the things that will give you the confidence to be the best version of yourself. Seek out the experts. Ask for help. Make this the year your resolutions become real.

photo credit: jdeeringdavis via photopin cc
posted by Cathy Zimmermann

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