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Sneek Peek: Real World Hair Classes

We are getting ready to launch or Real World Hair Classes, an all-exclusive crash course on everything you need to know about textured hair, from the baby fine to really kinky hair.

Need more convincing on why YOU should take a Real World Hair class? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll get:


Session One: The Long and the Short Of Texture

Welcome to the Future: 21st Century clients are so diverse, the hair professional is more important than ever. We’ll show you real world solutions for every type and texture.

Texture 101: The Five Core Textures you need to master, how to tame the wild and strengthen the wimpy, analyzing each client’s special mix of textures.

Texture in Transition: Helping your client transition from one texture to another with a Cut and Style Battle Plan.

Health Hair 101: Customizing your client’s Hair Health Calendar, nurturing the hair during chemical services, the 8 types of alopecia and battling congenital hair loss from cut to product to additional hair.

Taming Those Tresses: How to customize professional products for textures in transition, our favorite styling brush, the miracle of Brazilian hair Botox, deep conditioners for troubled tresses, the best daily styling products for sensitive hair, taming texture with state-of-the-art additional hair strategies for fine and thinning hair.


Session Two: Hair Cutting, Styling and Business Practices

Forget about whether to cut wet or cut dry — we will teach you both. We’ll make you into a god of straight and kinky, blunt-cut and removing weight, natural and high fashion.

A Step-By-Step Demonstration: the one haircut you need to master for every texture of hair!

The Haircutting Facelift: Suitability 101, the Axis and Volume Placement, the importance of your client’s profile. And finally, listening to the client, and how to explain exactly what you are going to do and why!

Precision cutting 101: Sectioning, scissors, graduation v layering, the importance of where you stand.

Texturizing: Choosing the best technique for each head of hair, how and when to thin, knowing your texturizing tools, achieving maximum haircut versatility for your client, cutting strategies for fine hair and thinning hair.

Expanding Your Tools: The best, the latest, and the most adaptable new tools you need to know about.


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